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2,4,6,8 feelin hrny jus cnt w8, 3,5,7,9 wnt ur body nxt t mine, a,b,c,d cum n lie on top of me, u,v,w,x txt me if u feel lyk sexTranslate SMS!
huband admirin hz nakd body in da mirror,says 2 wife look at tht 12stone of pure dynamite wife replies fuckin shame about the 2 inch fuse.Translate SMS!
wots da difrnc btwn a cokrl n a pro?a cokrl says COCK A DUDDLE DU bt a pro says ANY C**K WILL DU!Translate SMS!
sex is good sex is class whip me baby spank my ass 69er doggy style fuc me baby make me smile so if you want me in the sac lick ur lips and text me bac!Translate SMS!
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