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God mde condms god mde d pil god mde u4me 2 tril so cum on ova and lts mak swt luv an do it hrd 4 hrs lng but mak sure god mde d condm extra strng xxTranslate SMS!
Mad mary was speedin around the mental hospital as usual in her wheelchair. Mad Joe stopped her and asked 4 her lience, sh*t she said and sped off around the corner. Mad Jim then stopped her and asked 4 insurance, f*ck she said and took off again at speed. Rounding a corner she met BIG JOHN standin stark naked with a massive erection, oh no she said, not the breathaliser againTranslate SMS!
How do u knw ur girlfriend is gagging 4 it? its when you put your hand in her nickers and u think your feeding a horse!!Translate SMS!
What is the different betwin ladis & battery?A battery also have a possitive side.Translate SMS!
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