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I wanna suk u... lck u...wanna mve my tung ll arnd u...wanna feel u n my mouf...yep, dats hw u e@ <<{:}} Translate SMS!
il giv u kisses il giv u flowas il tek u t bed n f**k u 4 ours i promise u dis it wnt b a bore cz 1 nite wi me n ul b bk 4 morTranslate SMS!
twinkle twinkle masiv n*b ow she lyks it in er gob wen she feels dat certan twitch she spits it out da spiteful b*tchTranslate SMS!
2,4,6,8 feelin hrny jus cnt w8, 3,5,7,9 wnt ur body nxt t mine, a,b,c,d cum n lie on top of me, u,v,w,x txt me if u feel lyk sexTranslate SMS!
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