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il grab u, il bite u, il really excite u, il lick, il suck u, il totally f**k u, ul b beggin 4 mercy beggin 4 more, cuz a f**k wiv me is neva a boreTranslate SMS!
thr 1ce woz a man calld dave,hu dug up a prostichutez graveshe woz smelin of shit n woz misin a tit but luk @ d money he savd!Translate SMS!
hw do you think a vagina l%ks B4 sex?...a pink rose how do you think a vagina l%ks aftr sex?...erm.. wel av U evr seen a bulldog e@tiN Mayo? Translate SMS!
wen U say somit 2 a man, it goes n 1 ear n ot D oder; wen U say somit 2 a O , it goes n both ears n cums outa D mouf.Translate SMS!
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