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im no fred flintstone but i'll make ur bedrockTranslate SMS!
Mans sEz 2 his wyf , ur ass S D size of a BBQ, later D mann sEz 2 D OL h.a sme, D wyf sEz theres no point n sTRtN a 4 brnr BBQ 4 1/2 a sausG Translate SMS!
man says 2 lady n D street , how old r ur twins? D gal S 12 n D boy S 7, why? do u think they r twins?. cuz I cnot bleev sum1 wd F**k U twiceTranslate SMS!
man asks a hooker how mch? she say $50 on D bed , $20 on D sofa , $10 on D turf. he hands her $50. she says ura man of claas. he says cls! my ass 5 tmes on D grassTranslate SMS!
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