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D fluffy cloud may kiss D sky , D @};- may X D }i{ , D mornin dew may X D grass bt u my pal may KMATranslate SMS!
evry1 hz D ability 2 mak sum1 hpE . sme by enterN D r%m , sme by leavin it .Translate SMS!
jst met yr dble . I cuss it wz U . I evn shouted ur nme . U jst ingnored M + carried on poking yr fngA ^ yr butt N e@tiN yr Bnana !Translate SMS!
i rLLy wn2 gv u a hug... bt a hug leadz 2 a kiss... a kiss leadz 2 a lck... a lck leadz 2 a suk... & a suk leadz 2 a fck, so... d'ya wna hug? ;-)Translate SMS!
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