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hpE nu yr 2 ll d ppl hu lov me 2 ll d ppl dat h8 me! YeahhhTranslate SMS!
ey, UNo me..I wz nvr gud n makin nu yr resolutions, so I jst Dcided 2 leev em 2 u... n ll I cUd do S. wsh u a vry hpE n hapNg nu yr!Translate SMS!
ea mo ina dy hs its own valU. AM brings HOPE, arvo brings FAITH, evng brings lov, nyt brings REST, Hope Ull ll of em evryday. hpE nu yrTranslate SMS!
yrs cum n go, bt dis yr I specially wsh 4 u a 2x dose of helth n ^^ topped W loadsa gud fortuN. av a gr8 yr ahed! hpE nu yr!!!!Translate SMS!
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